This facility has seven NMR and one ESR spectrometers located in the Paul Bender Chemistry Instrument Center (CIC). We are still primarily a student-run operation, but service work is available to corporate users. Access is obtained via training and checkouts, provided by the facility staff. Detailed Users Guides are available to assist in the use of all UWChemMRF equipment. 

The NMR facility completed major updates in fall 2012.


Avance-400 with SmartProbe and SampleJet
— 1H, 13C, 19F, 31P with high-volume sample changing

The robot is very fast and high-volume, taking ~2.5min per sample with excellent data quality.

Avance-500 with DCH cryoprobe and SampleXpress
— state-of-the-art 13C sensitivity with flexible sample automation

Carbon exps are >100x faster! Reaction monitoring via 13C at natural abundance is doable; inadequate can be done at moderate concentrations; etc.

Avance-500 with Prodigy, SmartProbe, and F/H/C probes plus SampleCase
— state-of-the-art multinuclear, variable temperature, and 19F capabilities

The Prodigy probe is outstanding, providing superior data for 19F, 29Si, 31P, 13C, 15N, etc. New VT capabilities with the SmartProbe are also excellent.

We have floating licenses enabling use of TopSpin 3 from any Windows or Linux computer connected to the Chemistry or WiscVPN networks. Installation instructions for TopSpin are posted here.

We have a site license for MestreNova 10, which will work on any Windows, MacOSX and Linux workstation. Installation instructions for MNova are here.

. More technical information about the new equipment is available here.

  • Please Acknowledge our funding in publications: see our Support page for more information. 
  • The Bruker-400/500 and Mercury-300 spectrometers are available for use for all researchers. Undergraduate and corporate research will particularly benefit from the new capabilities and improvements in ease-of-use. Updated information about tubes and caps compatible with the Bruker spectrometers is provided here.
  • is a new server hosting data from the new spectrometers. WebDev and sftp can be used to access data from this device. provides access to data from Athena. Any ftp software can be used to access apollo. Our current favorite is WinSCP or SecureFX (then FileZilla); simple to use, with ssh security. 
  • 2015-02-16: A recent Win8.1 update prevents the Cisco AnyConnect client to connect the ChemVPN. A simple fix we have verified is given at
  • Researchers should always check the integrity of their samples prior to running variable temperature experiments. This criteria is particularly important for sealed samples to be run at elevated temperatures, where generated pressures might explode the sample in the NMR probe. Testing the sealed samples in a water or oil bath outside the NMR lab is strongly recommended for such situations. Thick-walled tubes can assist with sample integrity, but researchers should talk to facility staff prior to using any samples where pressures might rise above 1 atmosphere.