The NMR Facility is open for Phase 3. Read the guidelines below.

Please follow all new guidelines outlined in the COVID 19 – Phase 3 operations document.  Users should also review the Chemistry Department’s Guidelines for working in the building.  Additional information about COVID-19 compiled by the department can be found here.

 05/14/2021:  NMR service is continuing during the extended Mathews shutdown.  Artemis (400) and callisto (500) are being used to resume automation service.  Eos (400) and phoebe (600) are also be used to maximize capacity. Submissions occur each weekday at 8am, 2pm, and 7pm on weekdays; 9am, 1pm and 5pm Sat; 1pm and 5pm Sunday.  Users should request either artemis (av400) or callisto in the Excel spreadsheets.  Staff will decide which samples move to Eos or Phoebe, depending on the queues on each instrument.  Users need to check for themselves which folder the data ends up in.  If you requested av400, data will be either there or in eos.  If callisto, it might be in phoebe (av600) folder instead.

NMR services are planned to end on Sunday May 23.  That date will move to May 30 if the Mathews shutdown does not end by the 21st. A virtual Townhall meeting will be held Friday May 14 at 4pm to discussion this change.

Training for users that have not done direct work with Artemis and Callisto will be provided on May 24 and 25:
— Signup for time using this google spreadsheet.
— Users taking the training should watch our new IconNMR training video prior to the session.
— Full user-run automation will resume on Wed May 26.

NMR Facility hours match the Chemistry Building hours:  users should not enter the building or Facility outside of these hours. Email NMR staff ( if you have questions about procedures as stated above, or experience problems on the instruments.

For instructions on how to submit to the automated instruments please check the sample submission page.

Users that do not work in the building can apply for access to the building.  See instructions in the Phase 3 operations document.

The full MR Facility has resumed “normal” accounting practices for applying charges.  All users must be aware that fees are not based on calendar requests, nor are they based on IconNMR use.  Under calendared use, charges are based on the time logged into the spectrometer (independent of whether an experiment is running or not).  That has worked well in the past, and is an accurate and efficient method for doing the accounting.  It is the user’s responsibility to sign-up and use just the time needed under calendared use.  Log out when done.  If the user assumes someone else will logout for them and that does not happen, the full amount of time the user is logged in will be charged.  Do not signup for a set of short experiments unless someone will stick around to log out when the experiments are done.

Persephone has a new magnet operating well.  Full operations will resume with the spectrometer as soon as the facility re-opens in May.

The new Operando 500 MHz NMR is being installed.  We expect completion sometime in late May.

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