Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Chemistry 636 is required training for most graduate students to gain access to the NMR spectrometers.  By passing the one semester Chemistry 636 (Fall or Spring semester), full access to the 400, and 500 MHz spectrometers is provided.

Reduced training provides access to the automated equipment  equipment but with limited staff support, and is available for all users.

All training is provided by NMR staff. Assistance and learning by groupmates is helpful, but may not replace approved training.

NMR staff will not assist with work that goes beyond the most straightforward of experimentation:  basic 1D 1H and 13C spectra, and simple menu-driven 2D experiments.

Graduate students needing more complex experiments — e.g., variable temperature; other nuclei; high-resolution 2D; diffusion/DOSY; quantitative NMR; ligand binding; dynamics and chemical exchange — must take formal training via Chem 636. Ask NMR staff if time issues involving the class are a problem.

Access to the 500s Nyx and Persephone and 600 MHz spectrometers is obtained by passing the Chem 636, plus additional staff-directed training. Contact NMR staff  to gain such access.