On-campus, Non-Chemistry Users

Access is identical for every user of the facility, and no special restrictions apply for researchers from outside the department except as noted earlier: their use should not significantly interfere with Chemistry Department research.

Since users take their own data (see Service Work for more details), proper training must be completed prior to attempting to use of any of the spectrometers.

New users start by signing up for NMR training and follow the instructions on the canvas site. After passing the quiz, the in-person portion of the training is available every Friday at 11am; sign up for it on the google sheet. This training provides access only to one 400 (Artemis) and one 500 (Callisto) MHz NMR spectrometers in the facility.

All training is provided by NMR staff. Assistance and learning by groupmates is helpful, but may not replace approved training.

We are happy to discuss potential projects with you and may provide research educational support.

More in-depth training is provided in CHEM 636, which is open to all UW.