Service Work


400 and 500 MHz data are easily obtained on our automated spectrometers. After minimal training (see canvas course), users prepare their own samples, bring them to Chemistry, place them in a sample changer, and request experiments via the spectrometer software. Data acquisition is completely automated from that point, with turn-around typically < 1 hr with a daytime queue, or next morning with a nighttime queue. Data are accessible from the castor network-mounted server.

Users work-up and interpret their own data. Academic users obtain analysis software (MNova, TopSpin, and/or NUTS) via our facility site licenses.


The UWChemMR Facility assists local businesses and small schools with service requests (i.e., we setup and acquire the data, and sometimes assist with interpretation) involving NMR or ESR, but the amount of help that can be provided is limited.

There is no “traditional” service component for campus users, and therefore none can be provided on a regular basis for external users. We do assist users with new experimental needs with setup and testing. Contact the Facility Director for more information.