Instrument Specific Policies

Artemis (av400) rules

  • Do not remove sample # 96: 30mg sucrose in D20.
  • Discard old caps, and any tubes or caps that are damaged in any way. Norell caps should not be used > 10 times, Bruker > 3 times.
  • Do not use Norell caps and Wilmad WG-1000  tubes.
  • Multiple sample submissions:

Submit no more than 3 samples to the dayqueue.  All other samples must go into the nightqueue.

— dayqueue limits: 12 min max/exp; 20 min total/day; 18 min max dropdown

  • Nightqueue submissions:

Take ≤ 2 hr total time when submitting before 10 pm.

After 10 pm, you may use all remaining nightqueue time.

Callisto (av500) rules

  • Night queue submissions:

–>  Each user is allowed an unlimited amount of night queue time.  But when submitting before 10pm (7pm weekends), use up to or less than 3 hr total (not per sample, but total time per user).  This rule gives other users time to get their samples done.

–> If you need to perform long experiments, talk to NMR staff.

  • Callisto is very sensitive to pH (keep between 4 and 8) and salt concentration (stay below 100 mM). Please talk to NMR staff if you are unsure about your sample.